Equinoctial Colure

the line K L represents the summer solstice, and the lines O P and M N the vernal and autumnal equinoxes. This geometrical analysis of the triple tau reveals the fact that it is a striking symbol of the Royal Arch, and the exaltation of the sun therein, and several other astronomical particulars. This drawing is what may be termed the astronomical triple tau.

The three principal points of the zodiacal arch as explained on page 69, are emblematic of wisdom, strength, and beauty; on these the whole arch of heaven seems to rest. The three parallel perpendicular lines, as they represent those three points, are also emblematic of wisdom, strength, and beauty, and, as a perpendicular line is the geometrical symbol of a pillar, they may be said to denote the three great masonic columns placed in a triangular form. It was these emblematic pillars that Job alluded to when, speaking of T. G. A. O. T. U., he said, "The pillars of heaven tremble and are astonished at his reproof (Job 26:11). The three masonic columns of "wisdom, strength, and beauty," must not be confounded with the "pillars of the porch." The latter have a different emblematic meaning, which has already been explained.

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