Emblem Of Truth

Justice; the goddess of Truth holds in her hand the emblem of eternal life, and both wear upon their hands the emblem of truth. Close to Osiris is seen the thyrsus bound with a fillet, to which the spotted skin of a leopard is suspended. It is the same that the high-priest, clad in the leopard-skin dress, carries in the processions, and which gave rise to the nebris and thyrsus of Bacchus, to whom Osiris corresponds in Greek 102

mythology (Wilkinson). The lotus-flower, the emblem of a new birth, is represented just before the thyrsus. If on being tried, the candidate is rejected, having been "weighed and found wanting," Osiris inclines his scepter in token of condemnation. If, on the contrary, when the sum of his deeds has been recorded, his virtues so far preponderate as to entitle him to admission, Horus, taking in his hand the tablet of Thoth, introduces him to the presence of Osiris. In the initiation, those who represented Thoth, Anubis, and Horus wore symbolical masks, as represented in the drawing. (See Kendrick, Wilkinson, and also Arnold's "Philosophical History of Secret Societies," from which last work the above drawing is taken.)

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