The New Testament

The different forms of the word occur in the New Testament one hundred and ninety-nine times, the noun one hundred and twenty-eight, and the adjective seventy-one times.

In our common translation the noun is rendered seventy-two times ever, twice eternal, thirty-nine times world, seven times never, three times evermore, twice worlds, twice ages, once course, once world without end, and twice it is passed over without any word affixed as a translation of it. The adjective is rendered once ever, forty-two times eternal, three times world, twenty-five times everlasting, and once former ages.

Of course the word must mean in the New Testament what it does in all Greek books and among Greek-speaking people. Temporal, indefinite du ration, we have shown to be its meaning in the Classics, the Old Testament, and the Jewish Greek. The New Testament meaning is the same. The fact its usage shows.

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