The Case Of Judas

These passages relate to the sin of Judas, and its consequences.

Acts 1:16-18. "Men and brethren, this scripture must needs have been fulfilled, which the Holy Ghost, by the mouth of David, spake before concerning Judas, which was guide to them that took Jesus. For he was numbered with us, and hath obtained part of this ministry. Now this man purchased a field with the reward of iniquity; and, falling headlong, he burst asunder in the midst, and all his bowels gushed out." Matt. 26:24. "Woe unto that man by whom the son of man is betrayed; it had been good for that man if he had not been born." Mark 14:21. "Woe to that man by whom the Son of Man is betrayed; good were it for that man if he had never been born." John 17:12. "Those that thou gavest me I have kept, and none of them is lost but the son of perdition; that the Scripture might be fulfilled." Acts 1:25. "That he may take part of this ministry and apostleship, from which Judas by transgression fell, that he might go to his own place." John 6:70. "Jesus answered them, Have not I chosen you twelve, and one of you is a devil?" Matt. 27:3-5. "Then Judas, which had betrayed him, when he saw that he was condemned, repented himself, and brought again the thirty pieces of silver to the chief priests and elders, saying, I have sinned, in that I have betrayed innocent blood. And they said, What is that to us? See thou to that; and he cast down the pieces of silver in the temple, and departed, and went and hanged himself."

Surely if any person's final punishment should be taught in the Bible, that of Judas should be explicitly stated. Is it?

None of the terms employed of him teach any such doctirne. As we come to understand their meaning, we see that while they characterize his wickedness, and describe his punishment, they confine it to this world. Besides, the Bible declares, "the Scripture must needs be fulfilled, which the Holy Ghost, by the mouth of David, spake concerning Judas," that it was "by the determinate counsel and foreknowledge of God" that Jesus was delivered up, and "by wicked hands crucified and slain." Acts 2:23.

To believe that Judas was consigned to endless torment for doing what must be done in consequence of God's determinate counsel and foreknowledge, is to accuse the Almighty of an act that would blast his name with infamy. Now do the terms used of Judas allow us to regard him as outside the pale of mercy, or beyond God's power to restore and save? For instance, he is said to be lost, and to be...

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