Pauls Hope

Paul hoped that the unjust would be raised. He said:

I have hope towards God that there shall be a resurrection of the dead, both of the just and of the unjust. Acts 24: 15.

He must have believed that the resurrection of the unjust would be a moral as well as an existential anastasis. He might believe in it, if it were an unhappy fate, but he could not hope for it. Hope is compounded of desire and expectation. He therefore expected and desired the resurrection of the unjust. Only a demon could desire their rising if it were to a condition of endless torment. But Paul, whose heart always yearned for human happiness, tells us that the unjust will rise into an improved condition, a desirable and therefore good and happy existence, when he says he hopes for the resurrection of the just. Hoping for it he demonstrates that he believed it to be something desirable, a benefit to them.

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