The popular idea of God's judgment, is, that some time in the far future, in the spiritual world, there will be a post-mortem assize, a literal throne, and judge, and all the paraphernalia of a legal tribunal, where human beings will be sent either to endless happiness or final woe; not for the characters they bore on earth, not for all they did, of good and evil, but that their fate will be determned by the condition they were in during the last few moments of life. So that one whose life was good in the main, but who fell into evil ways during the last few moments in life, will receive nothing for the chief art of his career, but will be endlessly tormented for a day or an hour of sin, while another, who was wicked for seventy years, but good only a day, will escape all punishment for a vile life, and will receive heaven for only a day of obedience. And still further, that the happy one will look from Abraham's bosom into the lake of fire, and see there the companions of his iniquity on earth, while the bad one will gaze from endless fire into heaven, and see there the man with whom on earth he took sweet counsel in godly companionship. Such a judgment rewards and punishes, not for this life, but for only a small part of it. What is the true doctrine of the divine judgment?

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