Gods Mercy

The Lord is good to all, and his tender mercies are over all his works. Ps. 145: 9. His mercy endures forever. Ps. 107: 1. He is as merciful when punishing as when forgiving. Also unto you, O Lord, belongs mercy, for you render to every man according to his works. Ps. 62: 12.

Ps. 136 employs the phrase, "mercy endures forever," twenty times. A God all mercy is not a God unjust, nor is a God all justice a God unmerciful, inasmuch as God's mercy and justice are as the two wings of the Holy Spirit, identical in object and purpose. God is merciful and just in punishing and forgiving. When the Divine Love plans it is wisdom, when it executes it is power, when it punishes it is justice, and when it forgives it is mercy. If one sinner escape his full punishment God is unjust. If one is lost he is unmerciful.

He is a just God and a Savior. Isa. 45: 21. You were a God that forgave them, though you took vengeance of their inventions. Ps. 99: 8.

The meaning of this verse is, he punished first and then forgave. This he must do toward each soul. But if he torments one soul forever, where is his mercy? The worst a depraved devil could do would be to torture an enemy forever. Can infinite benevolence do no better than the worst malevolence would do? His infinite mercy demonstrates the final salvation of every child of his.

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